Fish Point Wildlife Association

  Fish Point Wildlife Association  
  Wildlife Refuge and Managed Hunting Area
Northwest Tuscola County, Michigan

Duck Hunting

Additional information specific to the Fish Point Managed Hunting Area can be obtained by calling (989) 674-2511.

Basic Equipment Needed:
1. Chest waders are recommended. Hip boots can be used in some areas pending water levels; however, this may limit your field choices.

2. T-seats or other means of seating will maintain a low profile in the corn strips.

3. Although all fields are accessible by foot, motored boats and canoes can be used to navigate in deep ditches and some field furrows. All standard Coast Guard required equipment must be in your boat when using it for transportation.

4. Both ducks and geese are harvested on the managed area, so bring appropriate decoys.

5. Some fields remain dry through portions of the season.  Keep this in mind when choosing your clothing, footwear, and decoys.

Rules, Regulations and Licenses:

Hunting and waterfowl hunting regulation guides, as well as State and Federal Licenses are available at most Sporting Good Retailers.  Most of this is now available through the MDNR online as well.

Michigan Department of Natural Resources Hunting Rules and Regulations site

Duck Identification:

Proper identification of waterfowl species is an essential component of waterfowl hunting.  Not only is harvesting of waterfowl by species and sex required by law, but it is vital to continued waterfowl management.  The links below provide great information on duck identification.

Duck Identification Guide

Ducks unlimited Duck Identification Guide>