Fish Point Wildlife Association

  Fish Point Wildlife Association  
  Wildlife Refuge and Managed Hunting Area
Northwest Tuscola County, Michigan

Projects and Programs

- Ongoing

Bird Banding:
Every year Fishpoint Wildlife Association Members and DNR. spend the month of August setting traps and banding ducks and geese. You may ask why is banding so important? Banding is a crucial element of waterfowl research. The data gathered through banding is essential in the understanding of specific species and the overall health of North America's waterfowl.

FPWA Conservation Scholarship:
The future of conservation is in the hands of our youth, this is one way that the FPWA can help to ensure that in the future there are trained and qualified conservation personnel working to maintain our conservation heritage

- Fish Point Wildlife Association Yearly Projects

Repair, maintain and camouflage blinds
Add gravel to to North field access roads
Clear Nesting Island in Refuge of large trees
Remove brush and debris from access canals
Clear areas surrounding bridges for easier boating access
Improve, maintain and replace field marker signs
Parking lot clean-up
Hydro Axe heavy brush on area
Fund application of 10 gallons Garlon for brush control donated by Dow Chemical
Install, Repair and maintain nesting structures. Including wood duck boxes, bluebird housed and mallard nesting cylinders
Funding for crops
Add gravel to access roads and parking lot
Interior field ditching and maintenance
Pump replacement cooperation with ducks unlimited and DNR

- Sponsor Youth day

- DNR Projects

Spraying of brush and phragmites of dikes, refuge and fields
Dike repair
Nature trail improvements - gravel, mowing
Meadow maintenance including - mowing, spraying and burning
Mow and disk moist soil units #4 and #8
Mowing of decoy openings
Planting some of the crops

- Past Projects

Update nature trail (partners with WIN and DNR)
Phragmites spraying of refuge
Hydro Axe over 40 acres of heavy brush
Interior Field Ditching
Funding for decoy opening mowing
Repair handicap blind, add gavel to access trail to blind
Nesting cylinders and wood duck boxes
Replant damaged crops
Funding for major ditch cleanout
Replace pumps

- Wildlife habitat improvement

- Future Projects

Phragmite control